Organelle and external input

Hey community. Just got an organelle yesterday. Trying to use this thing as an effects processor and synth, can’t seem to make that work simultaneously. I’m putting a guitar or another synth in the external in, but it only works on some patches. Can’t I just be playing any old patch but still have my external in going though?
Also, just scratching the surface of the many patches around here. Can’t seem to get any sound out of the mellowtron one, and a handful of others. All the c and g ones seem ok though

The patch will either process your external input or not. You could easily modify any patch to “pass-through” your external input to the outputs but that is not the default state for patches that do not process incoming audio. I found that the Organelle works best for me in a mixer setup where I can route an Aux Out channel to the Organelle and route its stereo outputs to a stereo channel on my mixer. I’m using a small 10 channel mixer. If you want your guitar or synth connected all the time then this setup would probably work well for you.