Using Organelle in live situation

Hi everybody! Anyone using Organelle in live situations? I’m using it a lot but i want to know the best way to save time by loading patches with a previous saved parameters. I modified some patches with loadbangs and delay objects to call parameter values. But i noticed some of them changed to a another value after loading the patch. How is the best and easy way to do it??? Maybe also deactivating the rknob’s objects?



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Hi there!
I play an Organelle and a Septavox in my band called Nonbeing. I use a lot of guitar FX pedals with them and it allows me to preset a lot of sounds (especially with the H9) so I don’t have to tweak with knobs as much and can just stomp on a few things ago go. One thing I have been having a hard time with is finding straps that work for C&G products or even carrying cases. Someone could make a killing producing those.

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The case for the traktor x1 (I think?) fits organelle just great apparently. I’ve ordered one anyway!

I second a nice organelle case maybe like a modified hard shelled flute case. i bet we could re-purpose a virtual shit ton of these

I use an old aluminum camera case that was $25 from Lowes but they sell similar ones on Amazon now. I can fit the Organelle, an OP-1, Grids, and Arc into it with a very small mixer and a handful of cables/adapters.

i knew your name looked familiar have you had any other problems with your ARC?
Mine pooped out when i first got mine and i recall yours did too

hi @otroamadeo - I know what you mean. It’s really a pain having to scroll through parameters on the gig to get to the sound you had last time. for me it has been more of a problem with 3rd party downloads since most of the native Organelle presets are save-able.

have you found a solution to this? if so please let me know!

I sent it back and they promptly repaired/reconditioned the rotors and returned it to me. Works so smoothly now and haven’t had any issues with it since. I think there was something with applying too much pressure to the knobs which caused it to bind - maybe this happened in packing or something. Did you send yours back?

@Dominic - I read through the Organelle manual and it says its MIDI implementation accepts Program Change messages. These correspond to choosing patches, but work by numbers: the first patch in the list is “Program 1”, the next one in the list is “Program 2”, and so on. Perhaps you could use a MIDI foot switch controller, like this one I found on Amazon to do what you want. You’d need to use the foot switch software to pick the right program numbers for your performance, e.g. “2, 14, 36”, instead of “1, 2, 3”.

Using MIDI Program Change messages seems perfect for what you want to do, but the foot switch controllers I looked at all look to be expensive and limited for what they do. I have to think it would be easy to hack a Raspberry Pi to make a pretty awesome Program Change controller, one that wouldn’t be as limited at the commercial offerings. Hmmm… :slight_smile:


i wouldn’t bother buying anything…
this is trivial to do by editing the mother.pd patch, so no extra hardware required.

and its likely i will add support for this in the mother host (which will be able to do it much better, since it knows the actual number of patches available)

also a short note:
since 3.0 - the program change message selects from the favourite list, not the full list of patches.
(this makes much more sense, from a performance perspective, but also due to the way patches can be in sub folders)


@thetechnobear - Excellent! I was reading the online user manual about the MIDI Program Change behavior; perhaps it hasn’t been updated yet for OS v3.0. If you can, now, “favorite” your patches into a subset and use Program Change to switch between them, that’s ideal for performance. Way better than having to solve it externally!! Thanks for posting this!


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Hi @joe - thanks for your help. I’m already using a simple pedal but I’ve been informed that it won’t work for switching between programs. I’d want to be sure it’s possible before buying anything.