How to add patterns to 201 Pocket Piano?

Hi. I’m very new to this and might just be reading the directions wrong. I had my 201 PP in Disk Mode, backed up the original pd and presets folders. After that I downloaded a pattern from Patch Storage onto my computer, extracted it, deleted pattern 5 folder and replaced it with the Patch Storage download folder. I renamed the folder to the proper number-name configuration but the old pattern is still playing when I select it. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Thanks.

I had the same troubles at first - the patch you download and extract is usually a folder of the appropriate and correct name, but which actually contains the patch folder within it (and usually along with another folder named “_MACOSX” or similar. I’ve been frustrated by this folder and naming convention with Organelle patches and have been trying to make a habit of checking, reorganizing, and deleting the MAC folders from my patch library on the laptop.)

after you download and extract the patch, click through to find the actual folder to put into the 201 and it should work.

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After you change anything in the 201’s drive, you have to reload the mother patch for the changes to update. To reload the patch, press and hold the high E F G keys and then press Shift button.