PD question(s) in the 201

as more patches come out for the 201, I’m wishing for more synth mode slots. and since I use the patterns much less, I thought I’d poke around in pd to see what I could figure out.
My idea is to make the new 12 keys be 3 patterns and 9 synth modes.

I got the synth mode slots re-mapped on the keyboard, so that synth 1 is on the low F, where pattern 4 was. all six synth modes work perfectly in their new locations, and there are now just 3 pattern modes on the far left in their original slots.

I can’t get the far right 3 white keys (original synth slots 4-6) to do anything with more synth patches, labeled 7- 8- 9-, and with a few other relevant changes to reflect the new situation, at least where it was obvious to me. I’m wondering if there is a deeper limitation in the firmware that prevents this from working, or if someone might have an idea where to look for PD tweaks that would help.

I’m very new to the pd part - I’ve been waiting for the thing that comes up with organelle or 201 that would make me want to get in there and change something, and here I am.

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I think you have to reassign keys in synth select - the keys have the numbers 0 - 19:

Basically this should work when you add 5, 7 and 9 in the sel object, then reassign message boxes from 1 to 9.

Here’s what I had done the other day before I posted:

same as you suggested in synth-select.

copied and pasted to add 3 more in “auto-load-synths”

I disconnected 3 of the patterns in pattern-select:

although maybe unnecessary, i made a change to the leds->synth-leds, just copied one to add three more to light them up, even if they’d be the same as the one I duplicated.

This last one is in the “lib” folder, called “synth-slot”, which sounds or seems like it could be a place to look for something that needs a tweak, but if so, I can’t tell what it would be or how to do it.

with these changes the synth modes map and function properly three slots down, but zero action happens with the three at the far right end. thanks for lookin’!

The loop counter variable in the auto-load-synths subpatch is still set to 6 - setting it to 9 should hopefully do the trick - fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


OMG - that was it. it works perfectly! thank you!
I’ll be loving this. I’m thinking 8 synth modes with 4 pattern modes might be the sweet spot for me, but I’ll mess around with it and see. a little refinement and some simple instructions would make it a good thing to put on patch storage too.
thanks again for your help! :blue_heart:


You are welcome! I’m glad I could help. Enjoy your hack, it sounds like fun! :slight_smile:

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Seems like you might be able to pick up an extra mode, by having the first pattern mode, “Thru”, not occupy a mode slot.

“Thru” is essentially turning a pattern off. If patterns could be turned off by selecting them a second time, you could have pattern one assigned to something more useful.

So the question is, can Mother be modified with this behavior in mind?

Actually the first slot is a regular pattern slot just like the others. By default this pattern is just a pass thru and doesn’t do anything. So if you wanted an extra pattern, you can just put it in the patterns folder (and make sure the name starts with “1-”), no need to edit the mother patch.

@sgotb and @twang69 nice job with those updates! I suppose you could also use the 3 extra keys as bank selectors, then you’d be able to have 18 synths.


But if you replaced Thru with any other pattern, how would you get it to stop playing the pattern without a power cycle?

so for example, make two keys into bank selectors, with two banks each having any combination of 10 synth or pattern modes :blue_heart: