How to change modes/scenes with midi

Is there a way to do this on the Eyesy? Or do you have to manually press the button yourself if you want to switch to another scene?

I use my Digitakt to sequence scenes with PC’s.

This guy’s tutorial is very helpful.

I read this and didn’t quite understand still how to change the scenes with my daw Ableton. Like for the persist it states that it’s midi note 127 but nothing explicit for the other unless I wasn’t seeing something.

You’ll need to provide more info on your setup.

  1. How is your Eyesy connected to your computer? Could be a bad cable?
  2. What midi channel is your Eyesy set to? Is Ableton sending on the same channel?
  3. Have you set the Eyesy trigger select correctly?

I’m not an Ableton user and can’t offer any help there. FWIW, I had to read the manual multiple times (it’s relatively short) and each time I noticed something I’d missed (so basically, RTFM more than once).

This is a pretty easy unit to use, especially with the limited midi implementation, but there are a few quirks that can throw you off. For instance, I use midi channel 16 but the unit will periodically boot up with the midi channel set to 8 (part of my preflight checklist includes confirming the midi channel setting).

You can use Program Change Messages to select individual scenes. From the manual:

Program Change Messages

Incoming program change messages will select scenes. If there are no scenes stored, the program change messages select modes.