Switching EYESY Modes via Elektron Sequencer - Works once but won't repeat

Looking for some advice here…

I run automated stage light changes through Elektron MIDI sequencers. I use a Digitakt to control DMX lights (which works great) and recently started using a Digitone to control the EYESEY by sending sequenced MIDI program changes through the 4 MIDI tracks available per pattern on the Digitone. This works great when playing a pattern one time through, but when the pattern repeats, the EYESY stays on the MIDI program/mode last played at the end of the pattern unless I stop/restart the pattern or switch to an new one. It works perfectly one time through, but the EYESY seems to ignore program changes after the first run of a pattern.

Does anybody know why this is occurring and how to fix it?

I just tried this with EYESY (OS v2.3) and Ableton Live. Every new program change would set the mode or scene. In Ableton, every program change needs a new MIDI clip so I arranged 4 MIDI clips in a looped sequence. Each program change triggered correctly, even after looping. Not sure exactly how Digitone/Digitakt make program change messages, but it works over here. One thing to note is that program changes can’t be triggered twice in a row. Nothing is registered unless the program is actually changed. Hope this helps.

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Thank you. That helps me narrow down my investigation path. I really appreciate you assisting me!

Your results make me think this is something to do with Elektron’s MIDI implementation, though I am still racking my brain as to what the problem is. It almost seems that something being sent at pattern start from the Digitone isn’t being sent on pattern repeat. What throws me off is that subsequent changes (clips 2, 3, and 4) also don’t register after the first time around.

Thanks again, sofk!