MIDI to mode change via Eyesy API?

Very new to the Eyesy and starting to dig into the coding. I haven’t coded since qBasic :smiley:

I see that you can use if etc.midi_notes[60] : yourFunctionHere() to use midi notes to trigger…things.

Is there a way to use this to trigger a program change? Specifically, for incoming note data to trigger previous or next “mode”? I’d also love to use it to trigger background color changes which seems easier. The persist on/off functionality seems simplest of all since it is pre-mapped to 127.

There is already some functionality for this:

Program Change Messages

Incoming program change messages will select scenes. If there are no scenes stored, the program change messages select modes.

Incoming MIDI Control Change (CC) messages using controller numbers 21 through 25 are mapped to the corresponding knobs:

  • Controller Number 21 > Knob 1
  • Controller Number 22 > Knob 2
  • Controller Number 23 > Knob 3
  • Controller Number 24 > Knob 4
  • Controller Number 25 > Knob 5 (background color)


I am aware that the functionality is there - I am interested in using that functionality with note data instead of CC/PC data. My specific MIDI data source only sends note data and I’d like to avoid installing and configuring a filter if I can.