How to connect Organelle to the computer

hello, I would like to record my Organelle using logic on my MacBook, and don’t have any setup yet. Which cables should I buy and do I need an audio interface? Many thanks!

If you want to record audio into the MacBook (from Organelle or any other source), you’ll need some kind of audio interface. The Behringer UCA202 is a very simple USB interface. It has RCA in/out and Organelle is 1/4" in/out, so you’ll need some adapters. But the sky is the limit for audio interface features and prices, like if you desire inputs for guitar or nice preamps …


@oweno . this is slightly off topic but do you know if its possible to plug usb to usb from organelle to computer and to upload samples and work w pd in real time and listen? i’m finding it time consuming to work on something from the computer and eject it and load it to the organelle and eject it and etc etc?

Yeah. I can’t seem to work that way.
Two systems does not work. If you want to make something quickly patch it on the organelle itself, otherwise i also patch too heavy for the organelle to handle if i work on the mac
have to remember what the thing is made to do and focus the sonic range of the patches from there