How to easily route the signal path to be useful as an effects processor AND a sound source


I’m french so please excuse my poor english…

My technical question is : how to install my equipment to be able to use the organelle as a sound source (synth, sampl,…) BUT ALSO as an effects processor (for my guitar for example)?
Not at the same time of course but in a practical way without having to unplug / reconnect everything.

Thanks !

what i do is:

run the organelle outputs into a normal (stereo) mixer channel.
attach the organelles (stereo) inputs to a mixer send.

this way,
i control the organelle output (synth or effect) on a channel
and if I want to use it as an effects processor, i simply turn up the sends on the appropriate source channels on the mixer, to pass it thru to the organelle.

works well :slight_smile:

I generally find mixer (even if small) is useful to also help control gain levels both of input and output.

I also find its useful to be able to monitor the input via the mixer, rather than the organelle.


Thanks for your help thetechnobear :wink:
Looks like a great idea ! I’ll test tomorrow

I use the Organelle in the ways you want, with a bunch of pedals and other sound generators. I connect everything with a K-Mix, it has 3 aux outputs,a nd a very small size.
The K-Mix is MIDI controlled via an old UC-33 to manage the various sends.

Thanks jmcharcot

I see that we like the same kind of effect pedals !
The K-Mix is ​​a little too expensive for me at the moment but this solution seems very effective
thank you!

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I had the opportunity to buy it from a 2nd hand, checkout on Audiofanzine, they sometimes pop up used…

I switch the organlle in/out of my pedal board signal chain via a lehle mini switch.

I keep a volume pedal before the lehle so I can adjust the incoming volume on the organelle input.

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Can you do this with a 1 input amp?

yes I use a fender amp which has only one channel, the lehle switch creates an insert point in my signal chain where I can switch the organelle in or out by pressing a footswitch, I’m sure that there are similar switches available from other brands but I likes that all the connectos on the lehle support stereo jacks.

Also, I’m using the organelle on the Waldorf Blofeld desktop, and using a Samson carbon 61on the Blofeld if that matters

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