How to use the organelle as an effects pedal

Hi… I want to use my organelle as an effects pedal for my blofeld desktop, but don’t know how… I have two regular 1/8” cables with two sides to each, and a one input guitar amp… how do I do this?

Do you mean wich patches to use ?

No, I know what patches to use, but thanks

Looks like you know how to : How to easily route the signal path to be useful as an effects processor AND a sound source
I do not understand your question.

Blofeld out L
Organelle In LR

Organelle out L
Guitar Amp In

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Does the Organelle do stereo processing?
If so you could also do:
Blofeld headphone out (TRS)

Organelle input > stereo effects out of organelle’s L/R outs.

  • edit * oh right guitar amp, but that would work otherwise?

Yes a bunch of patches do stereo processing, but since guitars only output mono most amps just have a mono input and output. I use studio monitors or headphones with my organelle. Performing live, you can send the stereo output to the mixing desk or you could use two smaller amps either side of a stage if you wanted to retain a characteristic guitar amp speaker tone and still retain a stereo sound.

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So does it not work unless you put headphones in? Also, how do you stay on the stereo patch while going to an fx patch

Sorry, I can’t understand what you are asking.
Stereo isn’t a patch, it is an audio state defined by having two separate audio channels (left and right).
The organelle works just fine without any headphones or cables - you just won’t be able to hear it.
The manual has info on how to connect your organelle to other equipment: