How to make EYESY recognize my drum machine


I’m a new happy customer who has just bought EYESY.

I’ve watched some videos on Youtube in which I’ve seen one can play an instrument affecting what’s seen on the screen. I have a Roland drum machine having a MIDI port, and I have connected a cable to the output MIDI port of my drum machine.

Then, I have connected the EYESY to my tv, and an audio cable from the EYESY audio port to my television. Later on, I’ve connected my headphones to the headphones port of my drum machine, and I’ve started to play, but nothing changed on the screen.

That’s what I watch on my screen:


I’ve selected “MIDI” through the switch button as the input source. Should I do something else?

Thanks a lot!

Are you wanting the Audio from the drum machine to affect EYESY, or do you want MIDI to do something?

In you example you have selected MIDI - so the drum machine needs to be sending some notes which should show up on the MIDI Notes grid in the On Screen Display (OSD). However, I’m not sure what scripts are setup to do things with only MIDI input.

For a more immediate visual experience - plug the headphone-out or main audio output from the drum machine INTO the EYESY audio port. (the EYESY audio port is for input only).