How to transfer a pure data patch to the organelle

I’m going to try puredata soon and I’m absolutely brainless on the subject, and I’m wondering how I can get a pd patch i made into the organelle

C&G did a series of videos, which discuss programming

Id recommend you work thru these videos, doing them on your organelle as you go along.
they are a good starting point.

after that there are lots of pure data resources on the internet to learn from.

if you’ve not done any programming , then take it slowly, simple patches,
it’s better to slowly build up patches, that always work, than to write a complex patch that you then have to some how debug… this can get really frustrating.
(this is the basis for many programming methodologies… but probably my favourite name is “evolutionary programming”, as it captures the spirit quite nicely)

if you already have a patch, then you just need to create a folder in /usbdrive/patches and place your patch in a file called main.pd in that directory.
(basically, copy same structure as any existing patch on the organelle)