How will I get the best use out of the Organelle?

Hello! I’ve recently come across the Organelle, and after watching some of the tutorials and tracks people have posted, I’ve considered buying it. My only concern comes from the fact that this instrument would be my first “synth” and I’m worried that it’s more of an instrument used to add texture to a song or beat as opposed to one capable of making a relatively fleshed out track. My question is should I be looking at the Organelle as my introduction into making music, should I try pairing it with another synth to get more variety/utility, or should I be looking elsewhere to start? Thanks!

Hey! I bought a second hand organelle m about a month ago, it has been super fun for messing around, albeit the learning curve for this thing has been kind of steep. In regards to making fleshed out tracks, it’s not the best for arrangement or anything like that, however with certain user made patches such as ORAC (pretty much a whole new realm of musical possibility on the organelle and another steep learning curve) you can get some nice deep layers going. if you are prepared to sit down for hours to learn how to use it, you will be able to have quite a bit of fun on it once you get used to it. However, you say the organelle will be your first introduction into making music, i would learn how to use a DAW first. If you know your way around any DAW, Organelle + DAW is a deadly combo!


I agree with everything lunartuna said. Organelle was my first hardware “synth” and I think it gives such a variety of sounds that I’d say it’s a very good first synth actually. At least you get to “taste” a variety of musical tools are a very affordable price considering all the things it can do. Go for it. I love mine. I thought that Orac was actually very simple to learn (the basics, a lot of the more complex stuff+ modulation is still hard to grasp) a good way to take some first steps.
I must say that I find it very hard to make a finished track with organelle alone, besides some ambient pieces with orac but pair it with a daw and your gold. Or pair it with an ipad.

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The organelle was my second synth, but the first to successfully pull me into the world of electronic music making - the variety of uses you can it towards make it a great way to further explore what you want from a synthesizer/electronic music making tool in your art. I second the opinions above regarding the importance of pairing it up with a DAW for songwriting purposes, and would also add that the organelle really came alive for me as an instrument when I paired it with a sampler/sequencer (an elektron digitakt in my case). That said, I thought it was well worth it for the first few months I was using it and exploring all kinds of sounds :slight_smile:

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