Ignore will try again in a few weeks

going to wait and try after a few weeks



if someone using orac can test
let me know if its a mem hogg

Hyped to check these out ASAP! Thanks

it “should” work as both

should is the largest word in digital media


So when I download this. Should I just rename the folder by putting S- in front of the name?
I’m assuming the subfolders won’t affect this any, correct?

(Same question for PLUNK)

i am not sure i can edit them i guess you can since the .json should handle everythin

I’ll try editing them and just throw them in the modules folder and we’ll see what happens. Lol

They both produce sound, right?

Check the video in the top of the developer thread, there are a few simple steps involved in adding a module.

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yeah they both produce sound and are relatively light so you should be able to load them with an effect like reverb or something like that.

Wonderful! I’m about to give it a run through. I’ll let you know how it goes!

So I was able to play gendyflext through the standard patches folder. But it didn’t show up when I had it placed in modules. However, I didn’t really try any editing past renaming the folder. The Orac : module developers guide thread didn’t have any information really about transferring a patch like this. Only creating one. The video provided also didn’t have anything about subfolders.
Pretty much all this just to say I’m useless. Sorry guys, I’m tryin though.

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it works as a stand-alone patch, but it doesn’t seem to show up when I drop it into the orac folder.

it’s got all the json stuff built in so i’ll review and find out what’s missing
enjoy it as a stand alone for now


i am going to tweak a few things, i think i assumed the jsons for ktrl would work but theres a few changes I’ll make

if you are willing
I think this should work for the gendy instrument
i appreciate it if folks can give it a try!

once i nail this down i can port Granular, the benjolin a X-modulator and some reverbs

this one is ONLY a module once i get it working properly I’ll try to make sure they are dual