Gendyflext~ Stochastic Xenakis Instrument

Here is the updated gendyflext~ instrument
it’s got fixed menu and is JUST an instrument right now

I don;t have time to dig into orac right now though i have a general understanding of what i need to do now

so please enjoy this guy


I’ll give it a shot tonight!

i dropped it into the folder, but it doesn’t seem to show up on the organelle.

i think i am going to wait i have the gendy one working but i am going to review them and try again next week

updated original post for gendyflext instrument


Hey shree,
Downloaded gendyflext from the link at the top, placed into the modules folder in the orac. But it’s not showing up. I’d take a look inside it. But I’m not by a hdmi compatable screen. Just thought I’d let you know what’s happening on the users end.

Edit: You know what. I just saw another post from technobear where he said to place a module in the same directory as Orac.

Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong? But if it doesn’t go in the Orac file. I’d assume it just goes under patches?

its just an instrument for now. Sorry.
I thought it was similar to the MEC/Ktrl setup and i am going to re-visit this next week.
I have some work for the Qu-bit Nebulae2 that is taking most of my time so instead of doing it hald-way i am going to wait.

If you place the updated link in patches it should be a fun noise maker

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Oh! I thought it was just PLUNK that you were going to do more work on. That was my mistake. Sorry about that!