Favourite patches not from Patchstorage

I’m intrigued if anyone’s found any other nice patches or Orac modules outside of the C&G or Patchstorage sites.
Are there any other sites I should be looking?


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Yes there is one that is like 5 bucks called s3quencer or something. But it’s kind of cool. It runs inside orac I believe but the way the sequencer works is different.


I’m planning to do a “free” release of S3rquencer so people can taste what the thing is about and if they like it, they can “donate” me a beer and get in exchange a more updated and feature packed version of S3rqencer.
There is this Thread: Multichannel sequencer / modular environment
Where you can read more about it, watch some videos and see
the positive feedback from the people that supported the project so far.
I really don’t know if it works “flawlessly” in Orac, maybe it does using the easter egg mode…
here are more vids and link to Gumroad.

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I was looking into this! Looks fantastic. I have a tab already open to look at it properly when I get the chance. Thanks!

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