Insanely slow USB stick


Are everyone’s USB sticks this slow? When plugging into my mac it can take up to a minute for it to appear in Finder, about 40 seconds when I double click the patches folder to display all of the patches, and transferring files to it(even tiny ones like in the screenshot) is glacially slow.

Same on both Macs. Doesn’t do it with any other sticks.

how full is it?

3.86 GB free

Yup the usb stick included is very slow. I’ve seen a couple others complaining about it here. Moving large amounts of patches takes a long time. I got a tiny usb to micro sd adapter and an 8gb class 10 micro sd and it’s much snappier now.

in my case moving one patch that js only MIDI stuff and contains no samples takes a long time.

Id copy things off the stick that you need, and then reformat it. (using Disk Utility, Erase->FAT32 format)
this will probably fix it for a while.

also id suggest, if its the supplied stick, then aim to replace it with another one - you can pickup these micro sticks pretty cheaply. (go for a decent brand, like sandisk) … also go for something larger e.g… 16gb (not insanely large), this gives more space to allow for overwrites etc, without fragmentation.

I upgraded from the included USB stick because I ran into this issue and now I’m having the same issue with my new USB stick. The upgraded USB drive is a Samsung MUF-64BB 64 GB Flash Drive - USB 3.0 formatted to FAT32 with only about 4gbs on it currently. The drive will usually show up fine on my computer but once I open it, it will just hang up. Any insight before I get another stick? I’m on a Mac with High Sierra.