Usb stick doesn't show on Mac computer

I just unboxed my new Organelle M and plugged the provided usb stick to my computer (iMac with Mojave 10.14.6) but the stick doesn’t show on the computer. I’ve tried it on another computer (Mac Book Pro with Yosemite) and I have the same issue.
It seems to work fine when I plug it to the Organelle M.
Anyone experienced the same situation ?

Are you sure it’s not the usb wifi module? 'cause that won’t show up like a usb drive on any computer.

That was it. Sorry for the dumb question.
Some parameters take a long time to react when I turn the knobs in my new organelle M , even when just using the SD card. For example the division parameter in the Arp-III patch (knob 2). Is it normal ?
I have that with other patches that I downloaded on a usb stick as well.
thanks !

I think what you are experience is the knob ‘take over’ effect when you switch pages. Patches that have multiple pages usually use some kind of mechanism to prevent values jumping around when you go between pages. So in Arp-III, you have to turn a knob through the value that was set the last time before it begins adjusting, which means you might have to turn it a lot (e.g. when entering the page, the knob is all the way down, but the parameter value is all the way up).

Thanks for your help @oweno . I guess this is what’s happening.
I have another question for you if you don’t mind. I’m looking for a 48 steps sampler patch that reacts like a mono synth. Is there such a patch out there ?
Basically what I’d like to do is to sample a mono synth into the organelle and pilot it with a midi controller (a guitar equipped with the Fishman triple play).