Installing Orac 2.0 modules for new user

Hi friends, I would like to ask a question for installing modules on Orac please.
I seemed to have worked this out but now stuck again.
Am I right to think that:

  1. .zop files I drop in the usermodules folder?
  2. .zip files I unzip in the usermodules folder?
    Or do I have to create a mirror image of the folder structure of Orac (fx, etc) and paste them in their respective folder?
    Thank you!

.zop files you place in the organelle’s main patches directory and then “open” them on the organelle to complete the install process.

.zip files you should unzip on your computer first and then put the resulting folder into the usermodules folder on the organelle

the info i have is:
New modules should be put in /media/orac/usermodules/

of either the sd card or usb drive that the orac main patch is running from.

You can put them in subfolders in that folder (eg. synth, fx, utility), and they should be unzipped.

If they are in .zop format you can just put them in the normal patches folder and run them from the patch select menu to install them.

additional modules (that don’t come with orac) need to be in


note: they also need to be in a category directory.

e.g. /sdcard/media/orac/usermodules/fx/slicer

Don’t be tempted to place in the modules subdirectory of the orac patch,

This is reserved for modules supplied with orac, and will be overwritten when you upgrade or reinstall orac.