New owner -> adding modules in Orac

Hello everyone,
I’m so pleased to be a recent owner of the organelle M and all of its possibilities (thanks to the persons who work to improve them !)
Meanwhile, I encounter some issues with orac as I try to add modules (Koto <3 and pinkmode). I’m so sorry if the subject has already been discussed. I already know I should place the files in sdcard/media/orac/usermodules but I still can’t see them on the instrument’s screen… Thank you for your help !

Did you use this version of Koto? It’s been adapted to be used for Orac. Koto | Patchstorage

If it’s a .zop file you can just place in your general ‘patches’ folder and when you install via the Organelle you’ll be able to find it in Orac

Hello, yes it was this version I used…
Actually, thank you for your answers but i found my way : I unzipped the folders in media/orac/usermodules and it worked…