Instructions to Update to Organelle OS3.0

As you may have seen, there’s a new update for the Organelle: Organelle OS 3. To update to OS3.0:

First, use your Organelle’s Info screen to determine which OS you currently have.

If you are running 2.1:

  1. Download and Unzip the UpdateOS-3.0 from Do not change the name of folder!
  2. Eject the USB drive from Organelle and insert in your computer
  3. Copy unzipped folder to the Patches folder on USB drive, eject, and reinsert in Organelle
  4. Select the update patch from Patch menu and follow instructions. Please be patient and do not interrupt process!

If you are running OS1.x:

You must update to OS 2.1 first!** Follow the instructions above but download Update-OS-v2.1 instead.

Great! I’ve been lurking for a while, but I had a question about saving patches to the internal SD card. The USB stick is my least favorite aspect of the Organelle, so being able to ditch it would be a blessing.

I saw a mention that there would be a 3.0 image for an 8 GB SD card.

Is this up somewhere, or did I miss it?

If I install using the USB method above, what additional steps would I need to take to prepare the SD card?

What’s the best practice for changing the SD card? Do I need to unscrew the Organelle’s case, or is there enough clearance to push it in/out with a paperclip?

ive detailed the process here

but for most it will be easier to wait for a new 8gb image.

no you don’t need to unscrew the case, actually i tend to use another sdcard to pop the existing one out, its spring loaded, so it just needs a little push., then you can grab with your fingers.

replacing is easy, you can locate it in slot, then again use something to let it spring back in.
(makes more sense doing it, than describing)

… just be a bit careful when you insert, that you can feel its in the slot, its possible (i.e. i have done it :wink: ) for the card to fit above the slot, and just fall into the case… then you’ll have to open the case to fish it out :slight_smile:

(it if does happen , don’t worry, opening up the case is no issue, just undo the screws, you wont need to take the board out to get the sd card rattling around inside ;))

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Perhaps @oweno can advise, will these be sold on the C&G site? Installing myself is beyond me. Or is there going to be an easier way to install the image?

I tried doing the update and got the message “Update failed: files”. What could cause that?

@dbetz and anyone else having trouble installing OS 3.0 on a mac, due to ‘corrupt files’

please could you try downloading and installing my 3.1 beta, this should resolve the issue.

details are here:

(if you have any issues with the 3.1 beta, please report on that thread, thank you )

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I tried your 3.1 beta and it installed fine. Thanks!

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This “Upgrade failed: files” happened to me now. I wonder why the non-functioning upgrade patch is still up on the Organelle Patches page on the website… It’s obviously not working for Mac users.

because it does work for many, its not quite a clear cut as you make out (see my notes on 3.1 where i investigated it)

anyway, use my 3.1beta, this fixed the issue (since end of December)

why is there not a new release?
… as always with development, you try to minimise releases, and so end up trying to squeeze in a few more bug fixes/features before you put out a new one… in particular for 3.1, we have ‘one more thing’ we’d like to get in.
(this is my current understanding from discussions with Owen)

anyway, as stated before… hopefully this is the last time this is an issue, as its caused by unzipping files on the mac, and then transferring… 3.0 makes this step completely unnecessary.

btw: if you have wifi and filemanager, you might be able to avoid the issue by using filemanger

  • copy zip file to usb drive
  • use organelle filemanager to unzip it
  • run installer

I did exactly that, installed your beta, though I don’t like the idea of running beta software on an instrument I use heavily on stage. Hope it’s stable enough.

Now I gotta find out how to use this new OS, stuff like how to create subfolders for patches… :slight_smile:

thank you for the work you put into this.

you don’t have to, simply get 2 SD cards
one you can have your stable/performance setup …
second you put the beta/new version on

only once you are happy with the ‘new version’, do you start considering using it on stage.
… that’s how Id work with any software, be it the Organelle, VST, Ableton Live.

(*) everything is store on the SD card, there is no ‘internal’ firmware to the Organelle

I think it runs fine at the moment.

I’ll try the multiple MIDI controller feature today.