Internal Mic sensitivity, Distributor Rec


I just received my Organelle M. The sensitivity level of the internal mic is very low, it records sounds which are very low in volume. It is consistent with all patches both official and unofficial ( the level meters barely go past half point). Is there a setting for the mic sensitivity that is global to the device? Speaking of mic input sensitivity, in the video demonstration of Distributor Rec path for Organelle , at 2:20 in the video it is shown that Input Level can changed by knob 1, meanwhile when I’m using this patch the function assigned to knob 1 is Monitor Volume instead: . I’m unable to get usable levels from the internal mic no matter how close to the mic the sound source is. When I play back the samples they have to be gained up to the extreme which introduces lots of noise. What am I doing wrong?



This doesn’t sound right. The internal MIC is pretty sensitive, so if you rub or tap the enclosure right above the MIC you should see many bars. The VU meters are pre patch, so even if a patch has a knob for adjusting the input level, the VU meters will show whatever is coming in before that adjustment. So it could be a problem with the MIC / MIC circuit itself… you should contact directly if you think there is something wrong with your Organelle:

Ok, thank you. I just sent an email with a quick test video.

So I’ve installed the previous OS version 3.2 and noticed that the level meters’ behavior is different. In OS 4.0 the meters appear to show lower levels as compared to 3.2 (when mic is activated, meters in OS 3.2 would not stay on 0 point but rather be at approx. 1/4 of the bar, likely showing the level of the noise). I later (of course!) read some OS 4.0 notes which mention changes to the level meters metering.

This was probably the reason why the video demonstrations of patches show different levels of the internal mic than the ones in my Organelle with OS 4.0. However, it seems that the actual recording level did not change when I rolled back to OS 3.2, only its visual representation with level meters, I’m still testing it but this seem to be the case. I also learned that Basic Sampler’s resulting recording level is quite low for some reason, much lower than for example Recorder patch’s levels.

I still think that the mic’s sensitivity is quite low, but since I can’t really trust the levels readings as a reference in comparing to the videos online which apparently show Organelle with older OS, the only comparison I can make is with other devices with onboard mics such as smarthphone, tablet, digital camera, etc - maybe I’ve been spoiled by them but they all have much more sensitive mics and/or different gain handling as compared to my Organelle M unit. It’s a bit of a mystery to me how Organelle controls input levels…

All this did not answer my question "is my Organelle OK? " but maybe this extra info helps and someone can chime in ?

P.S. I also learned that a 1mm Dunlop guitar pick is a perfect tool for ejecting/inserting Micro SD card :slight_smile: