Low gain on input?

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but the input on the organelle seems to be very low gain, both when used with a microphone or with a guitar.
At first I thought it was a problem specific to the microphones I tried, but yesterday I realized that if plug in my guitar, choose a patch with audio through (Granular freezer, for example) and set the volume to maximum, it’s still lower than the volume I get if I plug the guitar straight to the amplifier.

Is there any way to increase the input volume, globally or patch by patch?

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You’ll need to run the mic/guitar into some kind of preamp to get it at the appropriate levels. Check if there’s a way to route the signal out from your amplifier, or if you have any effect pedals that may do the trick.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing but it’s not very practical. If there was a way to fix this directly in the organelle software, it would be great.

i’m having the same issue. i’ve tried putting a mixer right before and boosting the output but it doesn’t seem too practical long term. did u find an answer to this?

No, I didn’t. It’s quite annoying actually, I’ve barely used the organelle as a FX processor because of this.

Would be cool if c&g could address this, even if it’s just to confirm nothing can be done within PD - I’m sure it can be though. In the desktop version of PD you can change input levels in options, I wonder if you connect a HDMI monitor you can access the same menu.

I’ve personally had no problems with input volumes, but I’ve been using electronic gear and not a mic/guitar. I’ll try it out this week and see.

The input doesn’t have any gain on it, so for something like a guitar or dynamic mic you might need a preamp… depends on what you are plugging in. The guitar I often use has humbucker pickups and actually puts out a signal that is hot enough to clip, so I have to turn it down.

You can always add gain in Pd, but you’ll be amplifying the noise too, which is why a preamp is better for low level signals.


Hi all

I just got an Organelle and I’m super pleased with the synth capabilities but I’m having a lot of trouble with the sound processing patches. My initial problem was that I wasn’t getting enough input signal from the mic I was using (SM57) directly into the Organelle so I started using a pre-amp to increase the input gain. I’m seeing results in the input display on the screen but I’m still not getting satisfactory output levels. If I turn the output up all the way I can hear a faint whisper but nothing close to full level of sound. 1 or 2 bars at most. I’d really welcome any thoughts.


I bought a cheap Behringer preamp and it solved my problem, it has controls for both the input gain and the output, so it’s pretty flexible.


Which behringer preamp was it that you got? I am in the same boat and looking for a solution.

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It’s the Tube Ultragain mic 100.