Is Critter & Guitari Open Source?


I’m a long time fan of your instruments. But I just did a little deep dive on the 5moons and the Kaleidoloop—I didn’t realize that these creations use PD and can be hacked/repatched. This is an awesome feature, makes me want to pull the trigger and buy one! I use MaxMSP for years so I understand PD preliminarily—can can easily translate some of my computer music patches to PD. I’m excited to try to implement some envelope following and pitch tracking tools like bonk~ and sigmund~ to the kaleidoloop!

So, seems like the code is open source, yes? I’m downloading it now and learning from it. Does this mean your hardware is open source, too? Is there any information as to what microcontroller you use and how it’s programmed? (STM32? Arm Cortex?)


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All the software for 5 Moons and Kaleidoloop is open source and on our Github page:

The core functionality of each instrument is coded in Pd, so the software is divided into two sections, the Pd patch and the hardware interface. Both instruments use a simple 8-bit microcontroller connected to a much more powerful ARM Cortex processor running embedded Linux and Pd. The hardware itself is not open source.


I came to the Organelle from Max, being a MaxMSP programmer since it’s very early days. You can use the cyclone library (most Max objects in PD) to get started and slowly get familiar with PD. TBH I dropped Max altogether after a year and am at home with PD and the ease which it can be used on different platform. The bloatware in Max 7 onwards really put the last nail in the coffin with regards Max. Aside from Jitter (which I still have for an oscilloscope I made for my videos) I don’t miss Max at all.

I can just recommend you to buy the Organelle M instead. There you have all possibilities to program your own patches or modify already existing once. You have all inputs and outputs you can need, build in mic, build in loudspeaker and just so much more. There are already at least two patches that works like the Kaleidoloop. There are also a bunch of looping patches although not exactly like the 5 moon but that you could take as a challenge to program yourself… (: Organelle is just such a wonderful thing!

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