Using Organelle S as a guitar looper?

I’m thinking about buying an Organelle S and a MIDI footcontroller, and writing a PD patch to create a guitar looper that works exactly the way I want it to (serial/parallel playback, multiple tracks, loop decay, undo/redo, etc etc). My guitar preamp has a line out so that should be what I need for audio input.

I think this should work just fine, but before I pull the trigger are there any pitfalls I should be aware of?

Can I write arbitrary text (or draw graphics?) from PD to the little OLED screen on the Organelle, to display looping status? It looks like I definitely can, but is there anywhere I can go online to look at the documentation for how that works from PD?

For the actual PD patch, I’m sure with enough time I can create something that will do what I want, since I’ve got a fair amount of experience with Max/MSP.

No pitfalls. Everything you’re wanting is definitely possible. There is a little bit of a difference between Max and Pure Data but you’ll be fine :slight_smile: If you’re looking to familiarize yourself more with Pure Data I recommend checking out this document

As for more specific Organelle implementations, I learned the most from opening up patches and poking around. I recommend checking out Locked Loops or my modification Verbed Loops as a starter for guitar looping. You can check out my Loopy or 4track modules for Orac for some good loopers that I made specifically for looping my guitar in the Orac environment

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Thanks @T8R ! That should definitely be enough to get me started.

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@mtj When it comes to Pd specific for the Organelle, I would highly recommend Maurizio Di Berardino’s “Organelle: How to program patches in Pure Data”, helped (and still helps) me a lot.:

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Guitar looper & ++. and this was with an organelle OG! …

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Here are a few patches that work well as multi-loop guitar loopers:

Locked Loops:

Prairie Loops: