Mutable Instruments module code

Would it be possible to port the open source code of certain Mutable Instruments modules, such as Clouds, Rings to the Organelle. I believe these modules also have an ARM CPU. I know spoitras has ported the Grids module.


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This would be possible, but looking at the source code, it will take a bit of work. For starters Clouds is written in C++, and Pd externals are written in C. So you’d need to pull apart those C++ classes and get them into a Pd object.

The C++ development layer flext might also be a possibility. In this case you might be able to compile Clouds with minimal modification… This might be the way to go because you’d end up with something that could be built for Max/MSP or Pd…


There is no way I can do this. I know nothing about C and its relatives. Maybe one day, someone will have a go at this.