Is it possible having 2 or more organelle patches loaded?

Hi everyone, I’m willing to buy the amazing Organalle but before i’m trying to use the deskstop version,
before to buy it. I found it amazing especially the “Quad Delay”.
But I know I would like to know if it’s possible to have two multiple (or more) patches loaded in
the same time, because in the pc version it seems to not be possible…

Thank you in advance <3

Currently the only way to play multiple patches is through orac.

Can you link me something about thisyou please?
Is it possible to use it with the desktop version?

You can find it pretty quickly. Just search orac.
I have no idea. I’ve never used the desktop version.

@spampi_123 There are a bunch of good Orac videos here:

not really, since desktop mother does not support the display/encoder fully,
and orac is pretty interactive.

if you are ‘technical’ you can use orac with oscproxy or mec + push2, but I cannot support this at the moment (lack of time)