Is it possible to mod the tune-knob of a pocket piano (midi)?

Hey everyone,

i’m using a pocket piano (midi) for some months now, totally love that little machine.

But there is one thing that got my ass kicked several times. The freaking tune-knob.
Not the problem in the studio, but while playling live and tweaking the knobs (with big fat sausagefingers, like in my case) I almost instant hit the tune-knob, getting the pocket piano out of tune and all the bandmates are like “f*ck you dude, u ruined it again!” Cause of the sensibility of the knob it takes some time to get it perfectly back in tune.
Sure, with enough concentration you can work around this. But I’m a lazy musician and I hope, that there is kind of a workaround.

Sooo … since it’s arduino based, is there maybe a way to mod it somehow?
My dream would be something like that:
The tune-knob changes the key in halftone-steps. And when you turn the tune-knob while holding the mode-button, you can finetune some cents up or down.

I don’t know nothing about arduino stuff, to be honest, maybe my thoughts are not realizable at all. But also if there is any other way to get there, please share the information with me and make my happy. :slight_smile:
Thanks, everyone!


I’m sure there are some grammar mistakes, seems like my english ist rusted. Apologize for that.

No, there’s no way to change the behavior of the tune knob - Sorry!