Is there anything the v1 organelle can do that norns cannot?

Looking to possible make the switch, with the work @thetechnobear has done is seems like perhaps norns is an organelle without built in keys – but please correct me where i am wrong!! also would maybe need to pick up a launchpad pro instead of the crazy expensive monome grid.

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Norns can run Orac patches but that doesn’t mean that Norns can run straight organelle /pd patches… (at least without modification) Many organelle patches rely on the use of the native keys / potentiometers present in the organelle.
so, yes. you might be able to boot a pd patch in norns but that doesn’t mean that you can actually use it the way it was intended to be used, start/stop, record, jump between pages, etc. In my particular case, I made an organelle patch called “S3rquencer” and although I really love Norns / fates display, I know already that I might be able to “run” this patch on it but I doubt that I would be able to actually make music and have fun with it in the same way I do with organelle…
Launchpad pro seems a good option both for Norns or Organelle. But again… Norns patches made for Monome Grid will not work in the same way with a launchpad (at least without modification)

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thank you for your reply! super cool patch is it up online?

i found this thread that really seems like fates plus a midi keyboard should be able to play most organnele/PD patches – i have plenty of small midi keyboards i could use,


  • Organelle Aux Button = Fates/Norns Button 1
  • Organelle Encoders (1, 2, 3) = Fates/Norns Encoders (1, 2, 3)
  • Organelle Encoder 4 = Fates Encoder 4 / Norns Button 3 + Encoder 2
  • Organelle Volume Potentiometer = Fates/Norns Encoder 3 + Button 3 (displays value on screen´s bar)
  • Organelle Menu Encoder = Fates/Norns Button 3 + Encoder 1
  • Organelle Menu Encoder Button =Fates/Norns Button 3 + Button 1 (NOT But1+But3)
  • Organelle Foot Switch = Fates/Norns Button 2
  • Organelle LED = Screen Upper Dots
  • Organelle Note Keys = Use a external MIDI/USB Keyboard
  • Organelle Expression Pedal = Use MIDI(MIDI section below)
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yep. further infos and manual here, and download in the link provided over there:

I did read part of the Norns thread and I get the impression that this patch might not work 100% on Norns and definitely It would stop being so intuitive… I would love to check it though…

@okyeron has a new project in the works that may help us all out.