Nori Sequencer?

Hi folks,
Ive been trying to modify the Nori Sampler patch so that it’ll use a saved sound and instead of recording with aux button it will act as a sequencer. I tried in the main pd file to replace the current “pd sample” with the sequencer2 (the working sequencer i found in some other patch) but so far no results. Im completely new to the organelle and Pd so would apreciate any help. Has anyone ever build such patch? Or knows how to?

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You are on the right track, but even a simple change like this can be a little confusing if you are brand new to Pd. I’ve uploaded a new patch Nori Samp Seq that replaces the record function with a sequencer. We need to keep [pd sample] because this is responsible for loading a sample from disk (the sound.wav file in the patch), but I did disconnect the aux button from starting a new recording inside [pd sample]. Then I added [sequencer2].

You can download here:

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Wow thanks alot man! I better start learning this thing properly


Digging up this old post to ask a question: can Nori Sampler be controlled by a MIDI sequencer? Specifically, an OP-1? I can successfully send MIDI messages from the OP-1 sequencer to some patches but not others and its not immediately apparent to me why this is so - but I’m brand new to the Organelle and Pd. Any tips? I’m only looking for MIDI notes at the moment.

i think i made a custom nori-mod that has a sequencer built into it just not patched in

I saw that above. At this point I think I’m just more curious how to implement midi in general on patches that don’t support it. I can’t find much documentation on it and don’t understand Pd enough.

Thanks @oweno for the great modification of the nori sampler. Although it´s an old old post i really dig the modification. I downloaded it and it works with the pre existing sound file. but recording samples and running the sequencer with a replaced sound file do not work. I have a Organelle m and i am not really into pd. What could be the problem? The new wav file has the same bit rate and is not to big.

Is your replacement file named sound.wav? If not, it should be (unless you changed the PD code to reflect new name). Is your new file in the same location as the original file?

Hi @chrisk, thanks for the answer! Yes, i gave it the same name and it is in the same directory…:thinking:misterious.

You may need to reload the patch if you replaced the file after launching the patch.

Yes, i tried that. Also relaunching the organelle after replacing the file. I also removed the patch and installed it again. But still the same. Could it be that since the patch is some years old it doesnt work with a newer organelle software version?

I just downloaded and did a new install on an Organelle M with a replaced sound.wav file and it worked right away.

Did you know you can play sound files in the Web Patch Manager? It might good to check if your sound.wav file is correct. When you click on the file in the Patch Manager you will get a play button:

Yes, playing the sound in the folder is a cool option. I did that and it works, but still the file doesnt play when i open the patch. Since you tried it out with a new software version (thanks for that!) i guess i will just remove and install the patch again. Although i already did that. But hey, maybe something changed meanwhile:)

Now it works! So happy about that. I did it in the same fashion like the other times but now it worked. That is really strange, cant explain but i must have overlooking something.
thanks for the help. this patch is really cool!