Patch like Monome’s “Norms”?


Would love to see a patch like the Norms from Monome. Unless there already is one and I’m just unaware or using it wrong.


If im not mistaken Norns is sort of similar to the organelle in that it doesn’t really do just one thing… it runs different programs similar to patches on the organelle. So not exactly sure what a norns patch on organelle would really mean or what you are asking for.


Oh I had no idea. Just discovered it today. In the video in the main thread the patch from the Norms seems to have a sample cutter, reverse and pitch shifter functionality all in one. I’m not a patch developer but it just seemed like something cool the organelle must have the ability to replicate.


I think norns is running mlr there.

Here’s some similar work in that direction


norns is ‘platform’ a bit like Organelle, but where Supercollider and LUA are used instead of Pure Data for running ‘patches’.

I actually got Norns running on a rPI, using a Push 2 in place of the hardware.

its quite nice, though there aren’t that many patches for it at the moment.

its not really practical to port norns to the Organelle for a few reasons , probably two biggest are
a) Organelle is not quite powerful enough b) Organelle is using a pretty old version of Linux.
(not saying its impossible, as it is possible, just not really viable imho)

but as others have said, there are PD alternatives to MLR, for sampling duties, that you could use on the Organelle. (and wouldn’t rely on you having an expensive monome grid to use)


Ahh that makes sense