Patch Problem on Organelle?

I just got my used Organelle today and downloaded all the new patches onto the USB drive for the Organelle, but when I plugged it back in, there were only the same patches I had originally. Is it because my update is currently OS 1.0? If so how do I download 2.0? If someone could assist me that’d be great!

Did you ensure they were all moved into the ‘Patches’ folder?

go to the patch storage website and grab the OS update and to and download the Patches you like.

ON the USB stick there must be a directory called “Patches” and if you want to run some of the complex patches you should have a folder called “pd-extended” as well. I am preparing an updated SUPER pd-extended which i will probably re-name because I am trying to put pd-extended to be as it keeps people in an old loops regarding pd. Also i will be adding some new development libraries and tweaking recent ones: FLUIDSYNTH~ {MIDI}, LADSPA,[C++} Csound6( C-proramming) , RTCmix© , Else (chaotic oscillation), Soundhack and old stuff like RJDJ, Proceso, ARGO and Automatism.

Now iMHO is an extremely fun time to get and tweak on an organelle, so post your issues here and we’ll help you get running

So I tried putting the folders all into the Patches folder yet they all seem to disappear and once again I’m left with the original patches. As for the PD extend I don’t know how to get that either. I’m only a beginner at this whole thing

Did you update the os?

make sure when you unzip the files it does not create another directory inside the main one.
for example you should be able to see the main.pd in the main folder if theres another folder inside the instrument folder organelle won;t see the patch

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I had this problem last week,
see this thread for solution

+1 for Csound! I’m working on a project which I think I want to use CSound for some of and having it on the organelle will let me add some knobs and dials to it!

(I like the power of computer music but I also like being able to ‘play’ my music to some degree rather than scripting it entirely)