It makes me feel dumb (Part 2)

Hey there, so as you know, this thing is kicking my ass. From USB stuff, general functionality, ORAC… you name it but I am learning more all the time thanks to this place and all you wonderful humans. Once I’ve got a sort of coherent answer, I’ll be diving backing into actually using this thing…I’ve got some great guitar sounds on the go through ORAC…

My question is this in regards to creating Patches…How do I get an empty patch folder on my Organelle M? As in the video below… I can’t even seem to do this basic task on it. I also tried using other “default” patches, copying it and then creating a “New” file but it just freezes the Organelle… Where am I going wrong, or can anyone point me to a feed that explains this further?

Thanks for being patient with me…

There are links to example patches here: Organelle Patching Tutorial Videos

This might be because you have closed the mother.pd file.

This video says to use the USB Drive for patching, but that is not necessary for the Organelle M. You can patch right from the SD Card with the M. Everything else in the tutorial can be applied to the M. (Please note that you will see a shortcut to a USB drive on the Desktop even if you do not have a USB drive connected. This is normal.)


Hi Chris, thanks for this… I have seen the video, but I still can’t work out how to get an “Empty Folder” with a blank main.pd file in it. I have tried copying others and selecting “New” but that didn’t work as that’s what freezing the Organelle. As for the mother.pd file I have not closed that either…

so the easiest way to create a new patch on the organelle is to use an existing patch as a starting point.
this has the advantage of giving you some of the essentially you will need (e.g. [r knob1] )

if you want to start from ‘scratch’ , what you want to do is take one of the really basic patches.
something like basically might be a good start, or one of the very simple fx patches.
(Id recommend some of the early C&G ones… not the later ones which have all kinds of menus in place :wink: )

so load the patch, then simply do Storage->Save New in the Organelle Menu!
(nothing yet is done in PD!)

next I usually use the Patch Manager to rename the new directory created, to what you want to call your new patch

then start that new patch…

at this point the patch should still work…

delete all the bits of the patch you dont need (e.g. synth voice) , save the patch
after you have done this, you can delete anything in the patch folder except main.pd

as @chrisk points out, its really important to not accidentally close mother.pd …as you will cease to get any events, and also wont be to get back to the main menu (aka freeze as you put it… but its not really frozen… as you’ll see pd is quite happily running still)
but dont worry, we all end up closing it by accident at times … in this case you can just click the ‘smiley’ face, which I believe restarts the organelle menu… and so you get control again.
(remember to save your patch first, otherwise you will loose changes!)

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Here’s a link to download the example patches used in the video tutorial series: Tutorial Patches. One of them is the ‘empty/blank’ patch. You can use the Organelle M’s WiFi adapter and File Manager (see manual) to load it on to the Patches folder of your Organelle’s SD card.

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