Jumping Values on OLED Display?

Hi everyone, I’m getting jumping values when I open patches that have large numbers (more digits for higher resolution on the knobs).

For example: I open the analog style patch and the Osc ratio number keeps jumping a couple of numbers back and forth. Same as with the cutoff frequency. When the possible numbers are much smaller, like octave selection in the Basic Poly patch, the values don’t jump. This makes me think it is the actual hardware knob that is deficient and not a software problem. Makes me think the pots are dirty or the contact strip on them isn’t too exact and precise so it jumps up and down. Am I wrong? Could it be a software issue and I could just restart it somehow?? I just received the unit today and reaaaally don’t want to have to send it back.

Same thing is happening on mine that I just got this weekend…

A little fluctuation is normal. What numbers are you seeing? can you use the [print] object to get an idea of the range? Low pass filtering the values gets rid of the irregularities. described in 2nd post here:

This is what I get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1AvbzFe1ws

Sorry, I’m not well versed enough in Pd yet to be able to use the [print] object. I hope the video helps.

So my hardware is good! Nice… This is patch dependant then??
Does low pass filtering remove fluctuating numbers as well as steppiness?? I noticed that the Glass FM synth didn’t have jumping numbers, just super low resolution transitions when moving the filter…

Thanks for the video. Yeah, this looks like normal. Small fluctuations like this are expected. It is up to the patch to filter knobs appropriately, the Organelle hardware just delivers the raw (10-bit) values, sometimes a little random fluctuation or steppyness is fun!

Awesome. That’s good news :slight_smile: . Now to learn Pd!!

Is there a way to create subfolders for patches on the organelle? Eg a pitching effects folder, a time based effects folder, a dynamics effect folder, a utilities folder (loopers, etc.), an instrument folder, so on… This seems like it would be easy to do. Also, is there a way here on the forum to separate posts (or to at least tag them) as different categories? Eg ideas for patches, works in progress, completed patches…

I like to think of the fluctuation as an added source of random modulation.

You can’t have sub-folders on the USB drive, every patch must be in the Patches folder. But the patches do get listed alphabetically, so you could rename patches to begin with S- for synths, or E- for effects, to group them.

I think some forum organization is a good idea. we can start with some categories like you mention. maybe ones for Hardware, MIDI, music, etc …