Organelle Knobs Unresponsive - SOLVED

I tried to find a topic on this one but I seems to be the only one.

Bought the Organelle recently and I’m finding that the controls 1-4 can take some time to take up the parameter. They can be unresponsive for a few seconds before they engage. Strange.

Is this a known issue?

Are they lined up with the numbers in the patch?

Most of the patches you need to turn the knobs until their value match the value of the parameter it is controlling.

This is because the knobs can control multiple parameters and to avoid jumps in values, so you need to “catch” the number.

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A lot of the C&G patches don’t have this “catch” functionality, try something like “Basic Poly” or “Analog Style” to check.

I probably should not have used the word “catch”

The control just do not work most of the time. YOu turn them and they do nothing and then suddenly afetr a few seconds they respond.

The time it takes for them to respond is random, there is no pattern.

“Turn Knob” = no change in parameter (hence “sticky”

Then suddenly out of the blue it will respond. This would be a performance nightmare. Imagine you are going to change the filter cutoff and the corresponding knob just doesn’t want to respond. But then after twiddling it for a few seconds it suddenly responds.

OS 3.1 bought from Juno UK last month

Can you post a video?


That looks very much like catch up behavior and so is correct.
As mentioned before try on a non multi page patch like basic poly and you find you don’t have the issue.

So am I right to understand from what you are saying is that there is a specific way patches should be made and that most of third party including the Mutables ports are not fit for performance or general use? Braids is almost unusable

Where a patch uses multiple pages the value of each knob on each page is stored so it doesn’t “jump” to a different position when you change back to that page and a “catch” system is used by the patcher. If you’d prefer the “jump” functionality then this can be changed from within Pd but I would suggest that this would be much more unusable…

For live use of parameters over multiple pages you might be best to use a MIDI controller.

I get you.

I suppose its what you are used to. At least I now understand this is considered “normal” and that the machine and software is working as a good Organelle should.

Thanks all, for your help

Im confused as to what this behaviour does to render patches unusable. It vastly improves usability. I still don’t think you understand whats going on. Just turn the knob to the displayed value and away you go. Some actual mutables eurorack modules use the same principle.

In fairness, I get how in a live situation the “catch” functionality can initially be a bit of a nuisance, like when wiggling the cut-off doesn’t immediately have an effect without setting it to “catch”. But it’s just something you need to get used to and you start to instinctively memorise at what approximate setting the knob was at when leaving that page.

Personally I am trying to veer away from patches that require multiple presses of the aux or dialing of the encoder to change pages, have learnt that simple is best! And for the rest I get my Nanokontrol2 involved.

@ Ghostly606, yes you are right. Just another way of working. I’m used to analogue controls and continuous data entry encoders so this took me by surprise. Agreed, simple is best.

Thanks again.

You need catch because it’s not knob per function. If you had it immediately move, then you would hear a jump in value as soon as you switch - imagine that on a parameter like resonance - it would sound dreadful!
( I’m assuming the synths you are comparing to have knob per functions?!)

The solution for performance is simple use an additional midi controller, then with Orac you can midi learn the parameter - which does not have catch as it’s not needed.

Some times things are done for good reasons, and it’s best to try to understand the reasoning before judgement

I have to many synths and the ones I design, take a different approach (this one has over 5000 poarameters).

take a different approach. Using a “normal” pot as a data entry method will always have limitations as it has mechanical finite travel, but I can understand its place in a multi-page world, though there are more elegant, albeit more expensive, approaches.

As I said previously. Many thanks for your help.

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What if after booting up the Organelle the selection knob is not affecting the screen at all???
Actually nothing is responding. keys, volume, knobs, nothing…the screen is stuck on “Select the patch”

From your other posts and emails to us, this sounds like your second-hand Organelle arrived with a broken encoder. We’ll get back to you via email

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your message.
I replied to your email with more info.