Kaleidoloop Mic / Organelle

Hey Guys,

getting my Organelle this week and iam excited as Hell. :))

Isn’t it possible to use the Kaleidoloop Mic with the Organelle?

I know it’s mono, and has to be powered… :wink:



Sorry - the Kaleidoloop mic can only be powered by the Kaleidoloop!

We’ve been using the Organelle’s line in with a bunch of different mics (DSLR mics, condenser mic with XLR to 1/4" adapter (unbalanced), etc.) so you should experiment with any mics that you have around!

Hey all

I’m running a Samson M10 mic into the line in (nothin’ fancy) but not able to get any audio coming into the device. Do I need something like this transformer to convert the signal to unbalanced (assuming most mic’s are balanced by default)? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong on the Organelle when I try to record to a patch?


Thanks in advance!

It looks like that mic should work. Do you see anything on the audio meter? when plugging and unplugging you should at least see the meter jump a little. Do you have another mic or audio source to try?

No, no jump on the audio meter when I plug in. This is the only mic I have right now unfortunately.

When I hit record it doesn’t seem like I’m getting any signal in on the meter, but I’ll end up with just a bit of noise.

Turns out my mic cable was bad. Swapped it out and everything is working accordingly now. Thanks for the help Owen!

Hi Chris! I’m thinking of putting together a simple electret mic for Organelle, but apparently Organelle doesn’t output the required ~2.2V through the line in? I’m kind of a newbie to electrics, but I was wondering if the electret mic could be powered with say 2xAAA batteries or something?

(I know this topic is old, but maybe I can revitalize it!)


No it’s best not to use the Kaleidoloop mic with anything but the Kaleidoloop.