Keith Fullerton Whitman's shift register

From a post on lines:

I have been toying with the idea of picking up an Organelle to pair up with my Ciat Lonbarde stuff. I am also a huge fan of ASRs in my modular and of the KFW Generators body of work.

This got me thingking the other day as to whether it would be possible to build a Generator-style patch within the Organelle?

As far as I am aware, the core of Keith’s Generator patch is a ramp wave being fed into an ASR while being clocked by a seperate LFO. The outputs of the ASR each feed their own sinewave vco. It’s the interation between the speed of the ramp wave and the speed of the clocking lfo that causes the waves of cascading and shifting melodies.

Imagine the power of a patch like that being held in something the size of the Organelle!?

I thought I was going to tackle it but I think I’m too green to pul it out. How would you do it?


you should give automatonism a try - it’s good at getting freaky like this
if you wanna make it
buy designing sound - the book
watch thetechnobear’s videos on how to make orac modules/c&g’s video on how to make patches
then get busy


Thank you! I had completely forgotten about automatonism!
I think I am on the right track! (don’t know if it’s technically ok but it sounds good)


Does it sound good is the only question!

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it does! trust me on that

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