Kinotone - ribbons

Bonjour bonjour !

I just saw the demo of this Lo-fi pedal, the excellent Kinotone Ribbons.
The 4 knobs format, with different parameters depending on the page, inevitably made me think of the organelle ^^

Would anyone be tempted to create a “big lo-fi patch” based on this pedal?

Page 1 :

Low Pass Filter
High Pass Filter

Page 2 :

wow depth
wow frequency
flutter depth
Flutter frequency

Page 3:

Dropouts Depth
Frequency Dropouts
Tape Noise (half of the knob is noise / the other half is cracks)


pre or post reverb
Reverb decay

Well I don’t have the necessary skills to create this patch… that’s why I’m asking ^^

Bisous Bisous

I recommend you check out these existing patches:

I think some of them come close to what you suggest. Have fun!


Building a module takes a fair amount of work so while the desire to have a ribbons clone is reasonable, it’s unlikely someone will make it unless they also really want that for themselves.

I recommend checking out these scripts based on the stalwart lofi pedal Shallow Water by Fairfield Circuitry.

Heavywater by Shreeswifty:

Shallows by jebrald0

Your other options include learning pure data or offering a paid commission.

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Thank you very much for your answers, I will test all that ^^

I imagine the complexity and the time needed to create this kind of patch. For the moment, I manage to modify some parameters of certain Patch (and when it works, I have the impression of having hacked the security system of the CIA!!) but I admit that to launch myself into the creating a patch seems like a huge mountain to climb…

About paying people to create patches:

It could be interesting to create shared pots, if the idea of ​​a patch interests several people

maybe it’s not the “open source” mentality? … but why not ^^

I would like to add the Deterior patch to the list created by @xhg & @Syntheist