Patchstorage Add Organelle Is there any patch similiar to the Generation Loss pedal effect (from Cooper Fx & Chase Bliss)?

I’ve been looking for a lo-fi effect for my instruments for several years . Cooper Fx’s Generation loss pedals seem perfect but I cant find one and I missed the Chase Bliss’s limited reissue…
Basically this pedal simulates a band disintegration (with pitch modulations, tape flaws, …).

So there’s my question : do you know an Organelle patch approaching this lofi effect pedal ?

(link to realize what this pedal can do : Knobs video link )

Not really same as génération loss (afik) but try dust :
It’s a good one !

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Check out RE-Tape Echo too. We demo-ed RE-Tape Echo and DUST in this thread:

There are some other great effects patches there that you might be interested in too

Thanx for your reply !

TonyLB > I already have Dust, it’s for sure a great patch ! But not exactly what I’m looking for…
chrisk > I’ll try this Re-tape patch ! But it seems to be more a delay than a dry effect … I’ll see!

I hope someone will patch an emulation of this pedal, who knows …

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