La Voix du Luthier

Simply, a speaker (for any electronic source, example Organelle) without a speaker cone.

I have tried the prototype a couple of times, different locations, from small to bigger rooms, (example studio in IRCAM to main Auditorium at Superbooth18) connected with many electronic instruments and was always a very rewarding experience, not only sonically but also sensory when it is in direct contact (ONDES+playing instrument)

Its still in countdown… but I can’t wait!! to have a bit of the acoustic world closer.

Note: I don’t have any affiliation with the project, just meet the creators, plan to back it when its live and yeah lets wait for more information.



still not quite sure where im going to put it!

I wish Christophe had just put the date/time, so we don’t all have to the maths to work out what date it is based on the countdown :wink: (Tuesday 2nd Oct midnight, if my maths is right )

do you know if they still plan to do KS at same time as Continuum mini?

It’s design, Omni-directional sound, it asks for “center stage”; im sure you’ll find a good location!

ahah teasing/marketing? I count to 30 September 22:59h (aiming for next day International music day??)

Unfortunately don’t know nothing about that…

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What’s the estimated price on these? Onde looks quite lovely.

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Around minute 7:00

“…expected to be €500 for the “ONDE”…”

The bigger one “Pyramid” and its dedicated amplifier, at that time was still to be defined.
Lets wait for the final countdown and official KS launch :wink: @healthylives

that looks really nice!

in the meantime you can pickup one of these and try to make your own resonator.


Just launched on kickstarter: