LADSPA and Supercollider for Organelle M (stuck on Install)

Some more basic questions,

This has been mentioned a few times but hoping someone has an update or a solution?

I’m Using this install file and putting it in SD Card / Patches. Upload it, and click install on the organelle m

However it’s still not doing much other than “installing…” which looks like a lie or it just does take a long while?

Want to start installing the vintage synth collection that @shreeswifty kindly ported along with other fx plugins that are available.

I managed to get fluidsynths working thanks to this thread fluidLoops - soundfont player + 4track looper so I’m part-way there.

For supercollider @thetechnobear mentioned
"for organelle-m, SC is not installed and the SC_Install will not work on the organelle-m
… but we can sort this out, reasonably easily - as we can just use apt to install it from raspbian with this:

sudo apt-get install supercollider

But my question is what is that code and where and on what do I type it?

Thanks for the incredible work by everyone and I’m blown away by how friendly everyone is.

You type it in the terminal, to launch the terminal window click on the icon at the bottom left of the Organelle desktop.

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the next release of the organelle OS I believe will have supercollider pre-installed.
this is why Ive been holding off updating these installers as some of them will no longer be needed :wink:

note: you will still be interested in the SC example I made, and put on patchstorage as these gives examples of how to interface to the Organelle pots/encoder and screen.

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Thank you so much, Got supercollider to work. Yeah I had a look at them and I’m so excited to experiment with it :slight_smile:

Hi my friend!!! Im just try to install LADSPA in organelle m too. Do you have exit in this case too? Thanks!