LED blinking at high speeds

I’m building a patch with an LFO that goes into audio rate, from 0.1 to 165 Hz approximately. I want to make the LED blink with LFO as visual indicator but I was wondering if getting to the audio rate speed could damage or affect the LED in any way. The patch part looks like this:

Captura de pantalla 2022-05-27 a las 02.25.08 a. m.

I already tried it and it works great. Of course when it gets to the audio rate range it’s pretty much like having the LED constantly on, but with speeds like 0.5 or 4Hz really helps as a visual indicator specially because the patch has 8 pages. Anyway just wanted to double check if its save for the LED light.

The LED itself will not be damaged, but you might want to limit the number of OSC messages the patch is sending. There isn’t a message to blink the LED unfortunately, so every change requires separate message. If you are changing hundreds of times a second those message will clog things up and start to eat CPU time. So you probably want some mechanism in the patch to limit how many you are sending.

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Ohh I understand. Thanks a lot for the clarification