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I just took something from C&G’s MIDI Sampler patch like wannop describes above, it seems to work.
See the ‘pd mapping’ for page 1 knob 4 - then I use that to just send the bpm to the samm~ object or whatver that is from lyonpotpourri that drives bashfest. If no MIDI clock it will use the knob value

Yep master_metronome seems to do all the hard work of interpreting midi sync data and outputs an accurate bpm number (120bpm coming from another machine ends up being spat out as 120bpm by master_metronome). I just linked that to a box labeled ‘bpm’ in your patch and it started syncing accurately - when it comes to other patches however, i wasn’t as successful. Some seemingly had their bpm number boxes hidden in places other than main.pd or had their own quite complicated tempo systems which i couldn’t understand with my non-knowledge of pd. :confused:

i think the morphagene you linked is the original i did not see anything added in the main

woof will try this! thankyou.

I’ve just downloaded my link and if you look to the center right of the main.pd contents there is an ‘r setTempo’ object sending a number it receives from ‘s setTempo’ in master metronome to a number box labeled BPM, this number is then send to ‘pd_sequencer’

i just checked Raime and it does respond to midi tempo from my circuit

ok here is a really weird thing
When i run RAIME with xwindows running on the organelle it finds MIDI clock everytime
if i am not connected to Xwindows MIDI does not work

Weird and frustrating

oh well you know why there is No Metronome in erics dymach which is the synchronized timings that does not rely on metro and the entie master metronome thing does a count/tic based on a metro 50
that’s why it sees it but has nothing to control

Flying over my head, but sounds like xwindows is a useful thing!

By the way @Blavatsky, that main.PD for bashtard is working a treat, just have to hit the load rand kit key to get things started and it works great.

Great! I think if I tweak 1 more thing that random kit may not be needed
(might be preloading a bpm…). I just use regular windows, but I think
Linux guys can use xwindows as a co/sub-OS to test stuff :slight_smile:

we’re 5 now. this is going somewhere! :wink:

X-windows is just the window manager it’s the GUI of the organelle O/s. it’s super stripped down in ARCH linux.
It dawned on me as i was scouring the raime patch that there are no metronomes controlling BPM. it was liek a huge “duh” moment. i have updated some of the sequences selectors since i messed with it all day. we should have a fun sequence session for people who dig that patch. I will post a link to show what i mean


Awesome! Can’t wait man.

@shreeswifty can i pay you to make a custom patch? is this what i’m reading?

Yes you can
please let me know i am getting close to my goal
thank you

i am getting really close to the goal. i am honored by everyone’s generosity. i am like 81$ away :slight_smile: many thanks to those who have supported you all rock


this is awesome man! You deserve it

Very cool, and very worth it, your work is appreciated. Just chipped in!

just chipped in too! can’t wait so much potentiality.

thank you all so much!
You should check your messages there should be welcome gifts attached for you.

I am grateful and honored to be a part of this. I am overjoyed people are enjoying the patches and i am so glad people have supported it so generously.