LIGHT-CYCLES; Infinite Root Structures

Multi-sample playback with positional recording.
Low / high pass filtering.
Delay and stutter effects on the keyboard.


collaboration with patrick / shreeswifty

AUX to reformat root structures

bottom notes to excite delay lines
top 5 notes to heighten spacial awareness

knob 1 : tempo :: MIDI sync and temporal manipulation

knob 2 : frequency calculations :: control harmonic output

knob 3 : position :: record sonic patterns

knob 4 : shift :: record shifting root materials

requires Organelle OS v3


I can’t say enough how great it is to see some good old fashioned patches on here again!

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Yooooooo I am really excited about this!

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it’s ace!

I’m guessing it is possible to swap in different samples. if so, I was wondering what the conditions might be on length/number/naming?



Each sample is a two bar loop. It automatically pitches the sample to play in tempo.
The samples are named root0.wav - root15.wav.


this patch is amazing, thank you so much @wo3

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What is the root tempo for samples? 120?

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There is no root tempo. Everything is re-pitched and cut into 16 time divisions no matter the length. I guess the best way would be a super high samplerate / length (?) file to get the most audio quality. The samples that are on there range from like 80 bpm to 170.

Just took this for a spin. Damn amazing patch! Can’t wait to load my own samples in here so I don’t feel like all the amazing music coming out of the patch belongs to you :wink:

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yep - this is mind bogglingly amazing - I haven’t opened it up in PD yet but I reckon there must be a hell of a lot to learn here! Very big thanks @wo3

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Dug in with this patch for a few hours last night. Damn it’s good.

One question – in a typical flow, it seems you

  1. get a new ‘clean’ loop (or combo of loops?) by pressing AUX.
  2. Then you can mess with the loop / combo / shiftings using k3 and k4.

Is there any way to ‘revert’ to the ‘clean’ version of the initially selected loop (ie, the sound we got the last time we pressed aux)?

I know you can go to a ‘new’ ‘clean’ loop by hitting AUX again, just wondering if this type of ‘undo’ is possible or could be down the road.

Thank you again for the incredible patch!

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It’s actually always the same set of 16 loops. The first and last are silent. When you press the AUX it resets the playback to play then entire loop and also sets all steps to the currently selected loop on k4.

I’m thinking of adding banks so that you can switch between different collections of 16 loops to mangle.


Thanks for the reply, it’s making a (little) bit more sense now, ha.

What are the rootsA.wav, rootsB.wav, etc. doing in addition to the numbered roots samples, by the way?

I managed to manually tempo sync and run this alongside MOTH with my second organelle, super super fun. I’ll post a recording in the next few days.

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this one is dope!! is it hard to add the link functionality to sync with other gear or am i dreaming?!

how did you sync? is ableton linking possible? cheers!

Just a simple tempo match and old fashioned listening / timing / patience =D

Will try to upload the cleaned up room recording this weekend depending an audio quality.

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i just noticed that master-metronome.pd is used in this patch, so ableton link should be no problem with the new updated pd-file fom c&g… fingers crossed:)

Ableton link works but there’s a delay when playing at low bpm (depending on sample peaks maybe)… any ideas?

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I am actually using a pretty customized master metronome for my patches! It’s mainly been used for MIDI sync.

I am surprised Ableton Link works. I haven’t had a chance to try using it yet!

this patch is amazing! it’s so intuitive and the effects integrate perfectly.

I tried to get rid of all the glitches and crackles but I guess some of them are part of the cut-up process. tried with longer sounds (violin samples) and the artifacts were simply too loud. for beats is totally fine.

couldn’t find the volume of the delay yet, would love to turn it up a bit cause it’s really fun to throw in some delay and mute the loop (but then volume is too low)

anyway, thank you for this great patch!

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