this is beautiful stuff! it reminds me of OOIOO too. I need to listen to OOIOO now.

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I love REICH and slowly i am getting closer to that Drumming sound :slight_smile:

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Different Trains tears my heart into little pieces.

i’m going to have a listen to Drumming …

now I’m watching this —>

Digging this one a lot! Just got lost in it for half hour. Really nice patch. Thanks for posting @shreeswifty

Beautiful, thanks for sharing! A snapshot saving functionality would be great!

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Yeah, I thought the same thing about saving/playing snapshots :slight_smile: Would be very cool if that was possible on this one.

Would also be amazing to have the option to be able to ‘play’ the AUX 1 scale/transposition via keys, as opposed to only the ‘randomise’ option. I stumbled on a couple of really nice progressions with AUX 1 button but then they were gone forever… Tho I admit I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with AUX 1 so maybe it’s not a feasible suggestion.

Amazing patch tho :slight_smile:

Also, running Organelle through the Sp404 vinyl sim compression sounds reeeally nice on this patch… When/if I get some time to learn PD I’ll come back and try to throw a similar compressor on this patch… And possibly every other patch too :wink:

i think we should be able to save progressions, This week i’ll see what can happen. I really didn’t want to make this an 8 page instrument so i made use of the playing buttons to avoid that. i wonder what Save As New does for this? but for the most part it’s design is to randomize and i had fun with some interesting list-Operations for this patch. like 1.) Make 9 element list with notes from 0 to 12 THEN add 24 stuff like that…

Steve Reich is dear to my heart, like LaMonte Young 7 Shri Moonshine, Terry Riley so there will be more attempts :slight_smile: And maybe someday Organelle Surgery Dervishes.


If i remember correctly the ‘Save’ and ‘Save New’ functions record knob positions across all pages on patches using the new multipage system and just the first page on patches using the old one? It sends these values to the appt parameters when you launch the patch.

So it probably won’t remember the ‘state’ of the patch if the sound is dependent on things other than just these knob positions. (Maybe i’m mistaken, can’t find the post i’m thinking of which had accurate info on this).

@shreeswifty i’m guessing that this was inspired by drumming too. i think it’s pretty ace!

yes it was. Reich, Riley, LaMonte Young & Phil Glass were big for me in Grad School + John Adams’ Shaker Loops