Line out only left side

Hello. The Line out on my 5 Moons only plays from the left channel when I connect headphones to it.
Is this right?

Before, I thought this was because of the mono limitation, but it still happens after the stereo update…

For reference, when I record stereo signals into the 5 moons, I can see that they are stereo files when I open the wavs on my computer (panning and everything). Which means the input must work in stereo. So, I wonder if I have a problem with my output jack or it is just the way the line out is (the manual does mention using a mono cable, but every headphone I have is stereo…)

I tried 3 different sets of headphones plus 2 different stereo Y cables just in case.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


I had no issues with my (stereo) headphones since the stereo update. I think the manual is not updated yet, and still for the OG mono script. Since it is stereo now, it is best to use stereo cables.

Seen as you tried so many different outputs, it sounds like the contact of your stereo out might be broken? :slightly_frowning_face: