Looping and overdubbing live instruments

So, I’ve pulled out my old KM softstep and thought it’d be cool to explore using little Organelle as a cool little looper/mangler for some live instrument input.
First of all, is anyone already doing something similar? Be great to get my head around the kind of looping features that are handy. :slight_smile:
I took a look on patch storage under loopers, but I’m left a bit confused with some of the patches, a few of the new C&G ones are quite limited in sample length. I’ve just downloaded this, so going to have a poke about with it, as the looper chain with FX looks like it could be quite close already. https://patchstorage.com/jellycaster/

I was thinking of maybe making something more similar to a guitar looper where you can start playing something, punch a key(midi assigned button on the softstep) to grab a loop, then overdub things in and out.
Be then cool to use the maple buttons to perhaps record a few seperate loops?
Be ace to find a way to build a basic looper like this to work with orac so that you can grab little sections of sound to run through grain FX and other chaos.

Any thoughts? Thought it could be a neat little summer challenge to get my head abit more around pd on the organelle.


The looper on jellycaster is pretty simple so you cant overdub or anything.
Overloop is quite useful, I haven’t used Loop Jam Rec but it looks quite full featured. Both let you record multiple loops. I’m not sure what the max time is on either of those though, it might be something you can increase with a bit of diving into the patch.

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@WyrdAl - yes, was going to suggest Overloop as well!

Don’t forget about I Take Up! - we’re working on a quantized version of this patch right now actually.