Audio Looper patch for Organelle with Midi sync

Hi. I’m looking for an audio looper patch that syncs to external midi clock and turns the Organelle in sort of a Ditto or Rc202. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find one. I also looked in patchstorage. What I need is a 2 or 4 track looper that lets me select the length of the loop, syncs to external clock and starts/stops the loops at the start of the bar, not immediately. I began making a patch myself, but I’m just not good enough with PD, I couldn’t even get the midi sync to work properly.
Any info is appreciated.

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Hi flucto, I’ve had a similar need in my setup for a long time now. I’ve had some success with the following modules setup in a rack in Orac:

[s2] Transport (maybe optional but I enjoy the work of @electrafa very much)

[a1] Euclid, with MIDI note 60 going off at the start of every bar, triggering record into:

[a2] Looper, converted to an easter egg module

This has some learning curves to make work but I also crave the functionality you’re looking for, so this is a step in the right direction for us! Using orac to keep layering sounds may be advantageous for you as well :slight_smile: I have tried the other “loop” modules and have wanted something more clock-based as well (as much fun as unsynchronized looping can be), and using the clock to trigger recording was the solution I arrived at.



If you can make a little patch that counts 1-16 via midi clock, then this patch will work for you with a “less than a minute” modification: (I can help of course)

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Thanks! I’ll try that.

Very cool, thanks. This patch of yours is turning into a complete workstation. When you have the latest version on gumroad, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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I have a performance on the 30th so that’s kind of a deadline for having a quite stable version of the patch. then I will have to update the manual a little but still it will be possible to run the patch and start jamming right away