Low Input Signal

hey y’all. just got my organelle and its amazing but I’m noticing the input volume is really low for vocals in particular. is there anyway to boost the input signal internally? I’m running it through my Apollo Twin and I have to have it cranked to get a semi decent signal. wondering If I could use one of the knobs for an input volume in a future patch as well. any thoughts would be appreciated!

Apollo Twin should provide a good signal to feed the Organelle;

  • maybe you missing a pad switch? to increase some more db? on the input.
  • maybe its low on the output coming from the Apollo?

you say “vocal” what mic are you using? try with a condenser so you can use phantom power and increase quality of sound, s/n ratio…

In my opinion is always better to have a good signal from source then to boost it along the way


hey thanks for the response. I was running a sm57 straight into the organelle. there wasn’t enough signal coming in like you said so I fed it into the apollo first then to the organelle and that fixed it. much appreciated!

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