Low output volume

It has been mentioned here before but I doesn’t seem to find a solution to this:
The output level of the organelle is very low. I use the factory content as reference.
I’m using a line cable to my patchbay (stereo jack to 2x mono) and then Input into
my soundcraft fx16ii. I do this with all my hardware and every other device is significantly louder than the organelle. The soundcraft mixer doesn’t have the best noisefloor but it is decent for all my gear.
So I would prefer to get a little bit more volume to work with.

Is there anything I can do to increase the general output gain?

yep, output Is low…
I mostly use the headphone output.
When connected to a large PA, Headphone out seemed to sound louder and with better bass…

without getting into buying a line preamp to pump the organelle signal, I guess one thing you could do is to make a mother.pd patch that has a compressor inserted before going into dac~. (or preamp + limiter). so when you add that into your favorite patches folders, It might boost the output (but It might also bring another problems…).